All-inclusive support for your tech startup

What is it?

Having built and ran startups as a CEO & CPO, clocking over 200,000 users, £500k in capital, one #1 App Store ranking and one partial exit, there’s a lot that I can help tech startups with.

But, not satisfied with just giving startups advice, I wanted to combine actual output and execution with support.

With 4 days of work a month and unlimited advisory support, you get real output as well as an extra brain to help build your startup.

What does it include?

up to 4 days work per month

attendance to any key meetings

key contacts & network introductions

anytime advisory support over phone, text or email

What can I do for you?

Each startup has a different set of needs, but the areas I can help are:


Full UI design (mobile or web), prototypes, marketing, branding or design strategy. See examples of my work here.


Web development (HTML5, SCSS/CSS, jQuery, React, Jekyll, Bootstrap), iOS/Android app development (React Native), DevOps etc.

Growth & marketing

Growth strategy, marketing management, SEO, PPC ads (FB/Insta, Snap, AdWords), b2b sales, email & Messenger marketing, social media marketing & referral/viral initiatives.


Product, go-to-market, growth, technical, business model and everything in between.


Modelling, forecasting, cap table design, cashflow, etc.

People, recruitment & hiring

Organisational strategy, hiring strategy, recruitment and coaching/training.

Ops & management

Internal processes, automations and team leadership.

Advisory support

On-call advice, mentoring, deal negotiation and check-ins.

All for...


per month


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