Designer & Developer

What I do

I'm a founder & CEO that can design and code.

I've been a designer, product manager and developer for over 5 years.

My experience as a startup CEO means I bring a unique approach, perspective and strategy to the products I help to design and build.

Design: Modified Google Design Sprints, Rapid Prototyping, Sketch, InVision, Analytics, UX

Development: HTML5, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, JQuery, JavaScript, React JS, React Native, GIT, Jekyll

Things I've designed or built

Adapt (my startup)

An automated study planner app for students.

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Adapt iOS and Android app portfolio design and development example

Study Rocket (past startup)

A note-taking and learning platform.

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Study Rocket web app portfolio design and development example

Wayoo (side project)

An automated business expense tracking app.

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Wayoo iOS and web app portfolio design and development example

Time for Advice

A platform for migrants to chat to expert agents.

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Time for Advice Web App portfolio design and development example

Oxford Edtech

A teacher dashboard for class management.

Oxford Edtech web app portfolio design and development example

Glamour Hair Boutique

A hairdresser's website. There's always an anomaly... right?

Glamour Boutique website design portfolio design and development example

How I can help

I'm an incredibly quick, attentive and aesthetic designer coming from a background of business.

When I'm designing websites, web apps and iOS/Android apps I often add a lot of value through suggestions and iterations. While designing/developing, I go through a rigorous process of prototype interviews, beta releases and production analytics to make sure the apps I build are really working for their users.

In other words, I do a lot more than just the design/development.

I'm open for work on new projects at the moment. If you need help with UI design, product or front-end development, get in touch.