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By James Terry. Follow @phatjme on Twitter.

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After relentlessly taking notes on the countless mistakes (and occasional successes) of building Study Rocket and Adapt over the last 3 years, I’m finally compiling them into something useful…

This blog is likely going to be rather sporadic and disjointed, but hopefully there’s a few nuggets of insight that help those of you on a similar journey.

I’m very lucky to have the time to put these posts together, after my recent step-back as CEO of Adapt.

While I’m going to continue to support the business from arms length as Chairman, most of my time will now be focused on writing, advising, coding and, most likely, building new stuff.

My aim is to amplify the lessons I’ve learned over the years of doing some things very, very wrong, and others very right, by dissecting and sharing them.

Ultimately, as an early stage, product-focused, startup CEO, the lessons will mainly focus on founding a startup and getting it to product-market fit. But, that said, I’m sure lots of the lessons and insights I share will be of use to those at other stages, industries or, more broadly, in other areas of life.

Here are the topics that I imagine will come up most frequently:

  • Getting to product-market fit
  • Working out how to grow & market your product
  • Planning products and go-to-markets
  • Frameworks for choosing the right strategy
  • Raising money, hiring (and firing) people
  • All things design & development
  • Focusing relentlessly on what matters
  • Building a culture of effectiveness and efficiency

And more…

In a nutshell, this aim of this blog is to help you figure sh*t out before it’s too late.

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First post… sometime… soon.