About me


I'm James. A product manager turned founder.

As a long-time designer and product manager, I naturally come at business from an angle of product.

In fact, since 14 I’ve been building things. Whether as a venture, for work, or for fun.

I worked with a few businesses to get their tech products off the ground. I ran a half-serious clothing line during my school years, which grew to 30,000 odd customers and thousands in monthly revenue. And then, in 2016, I started my first tech startup.

That company, Study Rocket, set out to change the way students learn. We raised capital and scaled to 30,000 users quickly, only to find out we were building something no one would use.

Luckily we had been responsible. By hiring incredible people, keeping cash burn low, and learning fast, we were able to pivot to an entirely new product, called Adapt.

Adapt was a simple idea, a calendar app that would plan all of a student’s work for them. As CEO, I saw the company through the pivot, beta iterations, another successful funding round, public launch and, ultimately, to profitability.

I have since taken a step back from the business, leaving it in the very capable hands of my cofounder, Maud.

I now help Maud drive the business to its full potential, from arms length, as Chairman.

Taking a step back from Adapt has allowed me to use my time to give back what I’ve learned over the last few years.

Combining my functional (design, coding and growth) and leadership (strategy, business and people) skills, I’m able to add a lot of value to tech startups that need more hands on deck.

When I’m not working (something I’m bad at making a reality), I’m hiking, reading, swimming, playing tennis, or trying to discover new music. Or attempting to speak Spanish...

James Terry hiking

Smug face at the end of the W-Trek in Patagonia.